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Happy Cavs fan..

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Just wanted to thank MJ for the incredible trade he did with my Cavs.

He took a team who wanted to be in the LBJ sweepstakes next year and gave them the much needed players too make him happy again in Cleveland. 

Of course Sacramento and Utah helped also being Altman was able to trade away some magic beans for real young NBA players who all play 2 way ball.

I am also a Browns fan and have watched year after year of making terrible draft picks and horrendous FA signings.

And sorry to say this but 1st mistake they made was drafting Ball as the face of your franchise. Many around the NBA have taken it too him in the beginning only to find out his father over hyped the poor kid and taking it to him turned into empathy very quickly.

Now MJ is being told he must sign his other 2 boys who can hardly play in a 3rd world league to a NBA contract or the one son who is tilting on the edge of next NBA bust won't resign with the Lakers.(Trade him to Sacramento MJ)1

Please understand I am not gloating but being serious about feeling bad for your fan base.

Next is bringing in a elite NBA all-star, as a fan base do you guys really think by trading away almost all of your young talent they will want to come to a team in the start of a rebuild??

These guys are going to choose teams that are missing 1 or 2 players, not a team that needs to be built around them. The years of vet players signing with a stocked team for vet min. are over being the league doesn't have just 1 super team any longer. We have a league with 5 super teams now and those teams are all competing for the same vets which causes a spike in their contracts.

So as a fan looking from the outside to the inside please don't set yourself up for heartbreak, and I hope things work out for you.

But I have a feeling those 2 spots will go to players like IT and another decent vet but not the super stars they have sold to you, being after being rejected they will feel they need to make a move to keep the fan base buying tickets.

Just like the Browns did from 1999 until 2015 when they decided to build through the draft like most top 5 teams did to get to a winning team..

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In case you have not noticed BALL is his own man!! He does not get involved in his dads antics.  You can keep James... He don't take nearly as good a care of himself as KOBE did... He should be about ready to start breaking down physically... Father Time is undefeated and in terms of mileage the years of NBA basketball; I think he has had a lot more pounding on his body than the New Iron Man Tom Brady in he NFL!!! Just Saying

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