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How to choose an online casino to play?

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Casino sites are becoming more and more popular. It is only necessary to pay attention to the site on which one wishes to bet its money. Indeed, there are many who do not respect the players and they lose a lot of money by unscrupulous methods.

According to the seriousness of the casino

The reputation

It is necessary to be well informed, what we try to do for you every day on Startrek Casino Frontiers is to present you the best! By the way, when looking for a casino on the web, do not rush on the first link that comes to you. You can trust the popularity of casinos, for example, the Casino Industry Awards, awarded to be the best online casino. Seniority is also a good sign of seriousness. Indeed, if a site is bad, its duration of existence is not very high.


We must pay attention to the security offered by casinos for their players. It is better to favor sites with a charter composed of strict rules ensuring the safety of their members. Sites with a European license or awarded by the ARJEL are the best in terms of protecting their players. If you cannot recover your earnings or suffer any dispute, you are given the opportunity to appeal to European regulation. In addition, these sites comply with current legislation, which allows users to play legally, and are regularly controlled by specialized organizations. If they no longer meet the standards set, they lose their seal of certification.

The redistribution rate

Internet users must be wary of the redistribution rates of online casinos because on some that we do not present, your chances of winning are much too minimal! Indeed, these keep all the bets and do not benefit the players. You must have the ability to view redistribution rates, which are typically around 95-98%. They are much better than casinos "hard", hence the interest of playing casino on the internet rather than real in a facility!


Different ways of depositing money are available to players, you choose the one you prefer among those offered by the site: credit card, prepaid card, check, Neteller, Click and buy, Moneybookers, Ecocard or electronic wallet for example. we present the game operators by telling you what means of payment and withdrawal of your winnings are offered (today, they offer almost all the same). Pay attention to the amounts of money offered, the minimum wagers and withdrawals.


You have to check the processing times of a withdrawal. They can go from 1 to 3 days, everything depends on the payment method chosen, if it is by credit card it will be longer for example than Neteller generally, the latter having the interest that everything is done live.

Customer service

It must be easily accessible, available every day and be in the same language as the one spoken by the player to be able to inform it at best. Some sites offer closer customer services with a very friendly live chat and more professional ones. But in all cases, what really matters is the seriousness of the site's employees and the response time.

Internet users must also have easy access to information about the casino site, security and means of withdrawal. If there is no "Contact Us" page, it is best not to register. On your right, you have sites for which we have mostly tested the response time, which is satisfactory.

The presentation

Some sites offer games in 3D with worked graphics, others still have a rather sober presentation. But even if their design is not very popular, this does not prevent them from being qualified as quality sites, their platform being managed by a great brand. It's up to you to see what you prefer. But in any case, we advise you to test the games, to see if they are fun or not and if they have the possibility of programming certain options, like the speed of play for example. There are also online casinos that are with or without affiliate software download.


The proposed games

You have the choice between different kinds of casinos. There are those who are specialized in a type of game, with for example slot machines, 200 machines, and those who offer up to more than 240 different games. There are craps, roulette, video poker, keno, blackjack, progressive games of cards, arcade, baccarat and even Asian. If you can play games for free, do not hesitate. Just try the games before you start betting money and once you master them, you can win the jackpot.

The bonuses

There are 1st deposit bonuses, very advantageous since they allow the beneficiary to have up to 400% in addition to the amount deposited on the account. Rare sites offer no deposit bonuses, but these are usually not very important. Some offer bonuses exclusively reserved for French residents and others to enter a promotional code allowing players to receive money when they register.

However, we must be attentive to the conditions for obtaining and withdrawing bonuses. Most often, you need to deposit money into your casino account before you can touch it on your bank account. Or you must first play the bonus a number of times before you can buy it, but be careful because depending on the number of bets required, there may be nothing left of the bonus. So be careful with this kind of casinos that we do not recommend in priority. We must therefore choose more flexible bidding conditions to be able to acquire even half of the sum given "free".

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