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Jeanie Buss

Memphis Grizzlies at Los Angeles Lakers 12-27-2017

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I have been faithfully watching my team, the Lakers, since the first year Kareem came over from the Bucks. So, what I have to say isn't Laker bashing but a disheartened, die-hard fan. It's the same old story against a sorry team. I can hear Luke Walton now. "I am disappointed with our teams effort." The same old story, our opponent lobs it over the top to a 4 point a game scorer and he scores almost 20. Some time along the line it has to be blamed on the coaching. Lack of effort and lack of fundamentals as a team is a coaching problem and not a player problem. The same old story, they allow one person, Tyrec Evans, to go to the bucket time after time after time after time, with no double teaming, no taking the ball out of the hot hand, don't understand. I can see the handwriting on the wall, a couple more years and Luke is gone and searching for yet another coach. The coach is to inspire his players, teach fundamentals and make adjustments to stop the other teams hot hand. And finally, don't have the players practice free throws just standing at the line shooting a hundred or so free throws during practice. Make them run and get winded, then immediately have them shoot maybe ten. Then run them some more and then immediately have them shoot ten and do this over and over until they get accustom to making free throws in a game like situation.    

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