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KCP gots to go

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6-29 over his last 4 games from 3....taking too many shots from kuzma, Hart is essentially the same player in mold and he seems to buy into Walton's offense more than Hero ball KCP who looking for Max contract....I didn't think it was good idea paying 17 million for one year to a guy looking for Max and ask him to buy into team concept on a losing team. The guy turned down like 80$ mil and fact is his PER is under 12 compared to Clarkson 17.34 that makes 12.5$.  Honestly we should consider shipping him out, he is not helping us win. Kuzma is the only Laker who should be throwing up 10+ 3pta in a game. Kcp has been decent when he drives and then making free throws , but he wants to shoot 3's..I'll gladly take back Wayne Ellington to play the 2. KCP would be replaced by Hart in this scenario and Ellington would be our 3pt sniper (43% over 200att) now I'm not saying trade kcp for Wayne straight up as kcp value still higher, but sell now before he drops his value more. I see KCP for George scenarios and that ain't happening without throwing in Nance and prob Caruso and bryant.  All I know is I'm sick of watching KCP play hero ball, and then look at stat sheet to see 1-10 3pt and we lose in OT to best team in NBA history.  His defense is not good enough to compensate him shooting the 16th most 3pt by 2guard and being 41/44 on 3pt % at 33.5%. Just to make you understand how bad that is  top 20 2gd shoot 38%+. Which really just makes me scratch my head to why we traded Lou Williams, supposedly he stole shots from youngster albeit at a 40% clip and for only 7$...I guess it netted us Josh Hart and Thomas Bryant. 

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Someone tell the Lakers to not let KCP take any crunch time shots.  He always chokes!!!!!!!!!!! He totally kills it everytime. All that hard work through the whole game just gone to crap, because KCP is a choke artist trying to be the super hero. He just doesn't have the clutch gene. Damn it!!!!. He proved it again against the blazers, two forced bone head shots. Give the ball to Lonzo, Ingram, or Julius. One of them guys anyone but KCP. Isaiah Thomas gots to give the ball up to Lonzo in the clutch situation, he showing signs of straight selfishness trying to be the 4th quarter star. 5 for 21 against the blazers, get rid of him, he has a broken spirit, bad attitude. He's killing it, he sucks. 

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