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Randle needs to start at Center

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First off I have watched every game this year and since Randle got used to being benched around game 3 he has only had 3-4 off nights compared to about 15 by lopez. Lopez was brought in to create space, but is 15-71 over last month and my gear is though he shot about 35% last season is that he made 40% thru January then has been under 30% since up thru now. So, I Don't see this as a slump, but more of the norm. The problem with it is he shoots 4 a game. I won't mention Ball's struggles at 3pt line because he is actually starting to click last few games over top competition and isn't a 10+ year vet. I thought this would be a perfect marriage, but they actually look like better team with Randle at center running that pick n roll with JC and would love to see Ball run that, but untill he fully developes a mid range game and adds weight to take ball to the rim I Don't see him running that. Problem is Randle is a little undersized, so I would love to see how Lakers would do with a Noel splitting the minutes at Center with Randle. Just remember Lopez is only hitting 29% of his 3's since last January so saying he created space is a joke.  Now If all of sudden Lopez decides to revert to playing primarily inside like pre '16 then forget this and he would fit in perfect, but his back I believe is holding him back and this is him reinventing himself. If we could spread out his 4 3pa a game (many games he shoots 7+) to guys shooting 35%+ like Kuzma 38, JC &KCP 35%, Ingram & Ball(% Don't matter need to develope). If not Randle may as well be in there shooting 3's as he is around a 29%. Randle has been Mr consistency though and some may argue he does what he does because he only plays around 20-22 minutes but as good of shape he's in and fact he never looks tired I think he could go 33 a night.  I'd like to see him with Kuzma, Ingram in front court.  The starting guards I could argue with starting JC(18PER )over Bal(11PER)or KCP(12PER), but won't ever happen, but we will see Hart in there for KCP. This is interesting because I think Hart even for rookie gives us near same amount of defense, but from what I have seen he has embraced Walton's offense more than Pope. I see pope do a lot of hero ball type play and opting to shoot over passing for much better shot. Let's remember he is on 1 yr deal and looking for 100+$ contract(not gonna happen I think he screwed up big-time and may not get more than JC). If Hart continues to perform well when kcp is out, I would not be surprised to see KCP traded...Lopez either. I'm also to point that I'd like to see Thomas Bryant get a shot at being primary backup.  If anything you want to see what you got in Hart and Bryant.  If Hart can show he can be another steal(starting to look like it) he is on a massively valuable contract like Nance and Kuzma are on and that helps absorb the Deng contract..   if Nance or kuzma were FA tomorrow they'd each get 10$ if not 15$ million a year each.   To me if you watch the games it's evident Hart will be a core rotational player for years to come maybe not an all star...maybe he. Makes 1-2, but he will be value for next 4 years. 

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I haven't looked at your stats individually but I do assume they are correct. Your discussion got me thinking and I checked a few stats for myself. Their stats are fairly even.

REBOUNDS:  Brook has 4.3 /game and Julious has 6.2

However: Kyle is at 6.6; Larry is at 7.1; Brandan is at 5.6; Kentavious-Pope has 5 and Lonzo has 7. For all to see every game Lopez doesn't want to get in there and rebound. It doesn't seem like Luke doesn't want  him      under the basket very much.

MINUTES PLAYED:  Lopez is at 22.6/game and Randle is at22.3

FIELD GOAL %:  Lopez is at 44.4% and Randle is at 55.2%

BLOCKS:  Lopes has 1.6/game and Randle has .8

TURNOVERS:  Lopez has 1.7/game and Randle has 2.2

POINTS:  Lopez has 12.8/game and Randle has 12.2

GAMES PLAYED:  Lopez has 28 and Randle has 29

FIELD GOAL:  Lopes has 4.8 and Randle has 4.7

PERSONAL FOULS:  Lopez has 2.9 and Randle has 3.4

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