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Points, schmoints, and stats

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Going back five years, including this one, when the injuries started piling up for Kobe, I believe one might find it informing if we look at some stats through the first twenty-seven games of each season.

The  Difference  column is the total number of points scored by the opposing team minus the number scored by our team, the Lakers.

The  Record  column is the "win/loss" record for both teams with the Lakers always listed first.

After looking at these stats it becomes very, very obvious the great amount of improvement Luke and the team have made in the number one object set forth at the beginning of the season. DEFENCE

I believe everyone understands that Luke and his staff can show the players what he wants them to do and the team can have terrific practices leading up to the game, but when the game starts it is all up to how the players handle their part in getting the job done. Luke is not on the floor!

When careless mistakes occur in handling or shooting the ball during the game there is very little Luke and his staff can do about. True they can make substitutions but it is always up to the players to perform - all of them not just Lonzo Ball, Brandan Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, or anyone else. The whole team needs to do their part to accumulate wins. The young inexperienced players have to learn through mistakes just like all the rest of us. Further more I believe the veterans are making just as many mistakes as the rookies.

Looking at the difference between last year and this one we have cut the difference by 50%. I think the staff and the players are doing quite well regardless of the wins and losses.

                          Record          Difference                                     

2013-2014         13-14               -84

2014-2015          8-19               -191

2015-2016          4-23               -287

2016-2017         10-17              -161

2017-2018         10-17              -81




Lonzo is definitely not a bust

For anyone interested in actual stats, not unsupported Lonzo bashings, please compare all of these stats for each player. You will notice Lonzo leads in four categories, is third best in two, is in the middle in three and is in the bottom two three times.

Additionally, below, that are more stats for all 25 games showing:

        1. Lonzo has had only one game where he scored the most points.

        2.  He has had five games in which he had the most rebounds - Nance has had five; Lopez has had the most only once and tied for the most twice; Kuzma has had the most five times and tied once.

        3. He has had the most assists in every game except three

        4. He has had four Double Doubles  and two triple doubles - Nance has had three DD; Lopez three; Ingram two; Kuzma six. Lonzo has had the only two TD on the whole roster and he is the youngest to ever have one.

In my opinion, based on all of the stats shown, Lonzo is one of the best members of the Los Angeles Lakers. Does any one, even you KMB, have ant stats  

2017-18 Player Statistics











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I would agree about the change in defense and it is great to see. My biggest worry is the end of the game, Luke is constantly finishing with Randal on the floor and as good as he may be a 1 on 1 defender he gets lost when the starters come back in in the team defensive concept on many occasions . Others teams are using this against us and our defense is suspect when it counts the most at the end of games.

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I have been very critical at times of Ball this year, but also say what I like about him...I believe he would had benefitted as I think most rookies would by starting in GLeague just to build up his confidence for 15-20 But now since we have surpassed that time frame I do see Lonzo improving his 3 pt shooting and starting to add a mid range jumper that looks very promising. Id also like to see him handle the ball more as their are many times. He passes to push but the recipient has no play. So I'd like to see him handle the ball more and attack like he did in overtime vs Warriors (in time). I have to remind myself if lavar ball were not in picture and never heard his mouth, Lonzo would not have the critics he has..including shamefully..myself, and that's what I have to throw out and asses his game as a rookie and then I go okay he blocks shots at rate of PF or Center(has couple games with 4 already) he steals like a Pg, rebounds like PF/SF and passes like Magic. So shooting is Sexy and guy like kuzma can do that, but ceiling of def player of year with floor being prob 3rd teamed in future or honorable mention all defensive team along with fueling of leading league in assists or floor of top 7 in assists and he is not a bust. All Lonzo has to do is add either a mid range or weight to finish at rim and he will become a 15pt a night guy and in 2-3 he will be 17pt 12ass 8 Reb 2 steals 2 blocks 35-37% 3pt and top 5 MVP vote getter.  Now I do cringe every 3 pt shot he shoots and more so the layups but it is starting to fall. Now moving on  The Lakers really need to see what they have in T.Bryant who. Has been terrorizing the GLeague as B.Lopez. Continues to struggle and hoist up bad 3's 8-38 and 15-71 from 3(Lopez shooting 29% going back to last January from 3) Bryant only in 2 year contract and we may be sitting g on a Clint Cappella with 3pt range. 

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