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Lonzo Ball

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Lonzo is definitely not a bust!!

For anyone interested in actual stats, not unsupported Lonzo bashings, please compare all of these stats for each player. You will notice Lonzo leads in four categories, is third best in two, is in the middle in three and is in the bottom two three times.

Additionally, below, that are more stats for all 25 games showing:

        1. Lonzo has had only one game where he scored the most points.

        2.  He has had five games in which he had the most rebounds - Nance has had five; Lopez has had the most only once and tied for the most twice; Kuzma has had the most five times and tied once. (Top three)

        3. He has had the most assists in every game except three. (Best)

        4. He has had four Double Doubles  and two triple doubles - Nance has had three DD; Lopez three; Ingram two; Kuzma six. Lonzo has had the only two TD on the whole roster and he is the youngest to ever have one.

In my opinion, based on all of the stats shown, Lonzo is one of the best members of the Los Angeles Lakers. Does any one, even you KMB, have ant stats  to prove otherwise?

2017-18 Player Statistics











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I agree he is having a lot of problems right now with his shooting but that will change in time. Let us not forget for one second there are more ways to participate, contribute and help the squad win than just scoring.

If every one was a scorer or if every one was a re-bounder or whatever, where would we be now? This wonderful sport of basketball consists of more than putting up points and I believe Lonzo is doing more than his part in

other categories.

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