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Tired of KCP blowing it in clutch time.

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Someone tell the Lakers to not let KCP take any crunch time shots.  He always chokes!!!!!!!!!!! He totally kills it everytime. All that hard work through the whole game just gone to crap, because KCP is a choke artist trying to be the super hero. He just doesn't have the clutch gene. Damn it!!!!. He proved it again against the blazers, two forced bone head shots. Give the ball to Lonzo, Ingram, or Julius. One of them guys anyone but KCP. Isaiah Thomas gots to give the ball up to Lonzo in the clutch situation, he showing signs of straight selfishness trying to be the 4th quarter star. 5 for 21 against the blazers, get rid of him, he has a broken spirit, bad attitude. He's killing it, he sucks

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