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Found 4 results

  1. Lonzo Ball for MVP

    Lonzo showed a lot of great promise this season. He may not be at that level yet but judging but these highlights he’s not too far from it.
  2. I'm a big Lonzo fan, I am frustrated with the fact that when he penetrates toward the hoop, he is so predictable. He is looking to pass first, pass last. With no intentions to score. The opposing players collapse on him then they see it's Lonzo and think oh he's gonna pass, so they just cut off all passing lanes. If u don't go in to score, then you are helping your teammates, because the other team gots u figured out. I truly think he is so worried about getting blocked that he rather just throw the ball away. F#CK what people are gonna say. Man up Lonzo!!!! Your are the crowned prince of Los Angeles, act like it. Gotta be more of a beast, get more gangsta wit it. Stop letting people punk u. Don't wait for your little bros to come in and show you how it's done, better set that Bar high. Do it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are u waiting for? Ball out my boy, we got u!!!!
  3. Link to the t- shirt: https://teespring.com/kuzo-the-duo-of-the-future I really believe in the KuZo duo. They are getting comfortable and stronger. It is just their first year, so they will make a lot of mistakes, but they will be just fine and wreck to mess with in the future! Let me know if you guys like the shirt, please!
  4. Not a new subject, but I wish everyone would take a chill pill and quit dismissing Lonzo as a bust before he even plays half of his rookie season! What is this, 12 games in... He's willing, he's coachable, he IS TRYING TO IMPROVE HIS SHOT! It's not ALL just shooting. He's CONTRIBUTING assists, rebounds and gets a couple of blocks & steals too. Give him time to find his legs and his confidence again, don't beat him up already!!!