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Found 1 result

  1. Whatever you guys been doing ain't working!!!! Start fresh. Be open minded. You got a young squad, but that don't mean you have to run them up and down the court like deer. They get so burnt from that and it shows on the defense. Run some freaking plays. Play smarter. This is what's happening run fast, past once, three point try. Sometime you got to slow it down and change it up. You're not coaching the warriors anymore. This is a new squad. Drive the ball, post up, that will open up the perimeter. Attack, get the defense in foul trouble. Even if they struggle with their free throws it puts the other team in a position where they have to switch or back off. Come on this L.A. Lakers basketball !!!!!!!! You need a tough big guy in the center spot, it's getting exposed a lot. With a key post player it will create spacing for the shooters. Check the history. Chamberlin, Kareem, Shaq, Bynum, Gasol. The shooters benefited. Stop being so predictable in a bad way. Get the Black Mamba!!!!! Pay the man, give him the clipboard. Get the ring