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Found 1 result

  1. Not exactly fair

    According to Daniel Starklands' article of 11/18/2017 "Luke Walton Calls Loss To Suns A ‘Teaching Moment’" he states that "Lakers rookie Kyle Kuzma had a career night in the loss, scoring 30 points to go along with 10 rebounds, becoming the first Laker rookie to put up a stat line like that since Magic Johnson." Evidently Daniel is biased against Lonzo as he conveniently seems to forget the first game against the Suns on 10/20/17 when Zo went 29,11,9 and last night Kuz went 30,10,1. In my opinion Lonzos' stats are much better in that first game than Kuzmas' were last night. Not to take anything away from Kuz because arguably, right now, he is playing better than anyone else on the team. Come on Mr. Starkland. Get your facts straight prior to writing an article.