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  1. Alonzo Bust ??

    He’s a rookie! The reason Phil didn’t play em is they aren’t ready for the big stage yet but he has done well passing pace and defense his shot will be straight by next season. He’ll get stronger and get coached up as will all these guys you all are expecting way too much, check his stats on court he makes the team go!
  2. Isaiah Thomas

    Btw IT is out till 3-4 months probably be ready for pre-season if they sign him.
  3. Isaiah Thomas

    Tririder you don’t see the big picture Linzo is just what players want someone unselfish that creates and plays solid D, his injury situation is management being smart and cautious, off season he’ll get his shot down beef up and have more durance for the 82 game season! He’s still very young give all of em a chance to grow into the league!
  4. Lonzo Concern

    Not the same thing at all Rose was a contortionist it was inevitable to break down, Linzos just a rookie getting a feel for the leagues schedule and play. Next season he’ll be 100% !
  5. Some 3 point shooters no projects thank you
  6. Since some are showing to be ballers you build around what you have. Ez solution
  7. Should the Lakers trade for Eric Bledsoe?

    No to Bledsoe we need 3 ball accuracy and team players only