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  1. Lonzo Concern

    Lonzo Ball has a lot going for him. He is a very talented PG, all be it, his shooting stinks this year. But my biggest concern about him is his fragility. It doesn't take too much to take him out with an injury that keeps him out of the game. I think of D Rose and the decline in his career because of injury after injury. Lonzo seems very fragile to me. I also have the same concern for Brandon Ingram. Maybe things will change as they both become physically developed. Hope so.
  2. Isaiah Thomas

    A bird in hand. Luke, why not turn the team over to IT the rest of the season and tell him here's your chance, show us what you can do. He wants to stay a Laker, Zo may or may not be the superstar he was cranked up to be. He sure hasn't showed me anything near being a top notch NBA PG. You have someone who has been a superstar on your roster right now. Now is your moment of opportunity. Don't throw it away.
  3. It's simple. Lonzo is not a leader. Look around the league. When crunch time comes every PG worth his pay takes control of the game. They score or get their team mates involved with the goal of winning the game. They have the killer instinct that is absent with Lonzo. I'm not sure Lonzo can learn that. Even if he could then you have to be concerned about his shooting skills. Can he develop them. The other thing we've found out about Lonzo this season is how fragile he is. Too many games missed due to injury. Lonzo is a "backup" PG at best. If the Lakers hang their hopes on him leading this team we could be in for an extended dry spell in Laker Land. I think the Brass at the front office were dreaming when they hyped him up in the pre-season. Time for a reality check.