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    King James Behind the Back Biunce Pass To Himself....How is that not a Travel???
  2. Lonzo Ball is a Bust

    I Gotta Big Vote for LONZO!!! Last I Checked LAVAR Does not play in the NBA and he is a bit too pld to START NOW!!!
  3. Happy Cavs fan..

    In case you have not noticed BALL is his own man!! He does not get involved in his dads antics. You can keep James... He don't take nearly as good a care of himself as KOBE did... He should be about ready to start breaking down physically... Father Time is undefeated and in terms of mileage the years of NBA basketball; I think he has had a lot more pounding on his body than the New Iron Man Tom Brady in he NFL!!! Just Saying
  4. Lonzo Ball

    I am a huge fan of Lorenzo Ball and these stats are great but where does he stand in the plus/minus points stat while in the game!!! That is to me a tell tale sign of the overall impact on wins and losses!!!This is one area Clarkson usually showed a + note in results....I am currently a supporter of THE TRADE but allways gonna miss Jordon and Company...
  5. Just a thought.....

    I do not like the idea of King James coming to LA!!! I mean look at what is happening with fellow team mates Isaah Thomas and Wade... Kevin Love did a lot better in Minnesota minus a ring and Kyle Irving seemed to want out of The Land!!! Our man Clarkson just gets himself a Tech at the end of a game for why??? He seemed to be more of a consummate professional as a Laker!!! Now Paul George at the right price next to Isea Thomas (whom I might remind you all was mentored by our boy KOBE) and Lonzo Ball with the pieces in place... I am saying do not change the core caracters at all!!! I mean LET's SEE WHERE WE CAN GO WITH THAT!!! One other question I do not understand... How is that behind the back PASS through a teammates legs that King James pulled off this pased week not a pass to hiomself and called a travel??? I do not have the time to follow all the rules changed in the NBA over the last century.... Did I miss something or is this a King James Rule as we know so many things apply to him differently than the rest of the NBA!!! Please enlighten me on this non call????