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  1. Should the Lakers trade for Eric Bledsoe?

    Do not trade for Bledsoe, he is a ball hog that TURNS THE BALL OVER AS MUCH AS HE ASSISTS ON BASKETS. HE GETS HIMSELF INTO TROUBLE AN TOSSES DA ROCK TO Teammates That have no chance are double or tripled teamed and they get charged with a TO instead of Bledsoe. He is not a good shooter his D is below par against players that have even a better than average cross-over move they make him look funny, he is no where when weak-side help is needed nor is strong side a good suit. I am an original Sun's fan but, I do not wish this on the Lakers. I am interested in a young team that has a chance to build like the Warriors instead of buying superstars to fill out an all-time-all-star roster. Ball was kind of a bust but, you (okay we) have some young guys that show up and play. They need to develop adjust to the NBA and some more pieces, look at Randle and Kuz....add a center and a strong with a wing or small....