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  1. Coaching decisions

    I have been a DEDICATED FAN since 1979 and I was dazed and confused when the Lakers Organization wanted an signed bill walton as the Head Coach. I thought he sucked as a player and if you don't have skill then you shouldn't be in the NBA. #1 he should have been traded his rookie year cause he didn't even play the total min. of a NBA GAME that season. If Magic doesn't FIRE WALTON BY ALL-STAR BREAK I might be giving up as a Lakers Fan. Walton can't Pick a line up , can't substitute or call a time out to stop the other teams Momentum. HE WASN'T PLAYER MATERAL AND SHOULDN'T BE A COACH.....I RATHER HAVE THE IDIOT BACK D' ANTONI.... J/K BOTH GOTTA GOOOOOOOOOO!!