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  1. Lonzo Ball is a Bust

    Yup all eyes on him, he starting to show signs of being injury prone, he needs to beef up and focus on strength and conditioning, also a little more wisdom. I hope he gets the advice that he needs to play smarter and not go out there like a bumper car.
  2. What the Lakers need is...

    I agree with everything Lakers dynasty 834 said. We really need to establish a half court offense, I really like when they are pushing the pace and running, but when shots aren't falling for some players then they get behind on points. The lakers in the 80's use to swing that ball around like no bodies business. Everyone touching the ball, moving. If you just rely on the perimeter and the opposition shuts that down then what? Need some bigs to dominate the post to open up the perimeter. Keep the other teams on their toes instead of being predictable. When going up against other great coaches, it's a game of chess, not checkers. Get the Mamba on the coaching team please.
  3. Lonzo Ball is a Bust

    I'm glad the Lakers are on a roll in the right direction, maybe he did something to light a fire under some peoples butts by really putting a spot light on the whole thing, either way I am not giving up on the playoffs

    We're talking about the Mamba, the greatest Laker of all time. I believe
  5. Lonzo Ball is a Bust

    That's right Tom. Let's go Lakers!!!
  6. The next couple games are definitely gonna be crucial. We'll see if any changes happen for the better.
  7. Sounds good. The players did seem to like that guy and he has more passion than Luke, Luke is washed, just a puppet. They need a new captain of the ship because it's drifting. Let's go Lakers!!!!!!
  8. Whatever you guys been doing ain't working!!!! Start fresh. Be open minded. You got a young squad, but that don't mean you have to run them up and down the court like deer. They get so burnt from that and it shows on the defense. Run some freaking plays. Play smarter. This is what's happening run fast, past once, three point try. Sometime you got to slow it down and change it up. You're not coaching the warriors anymore. This is a new squad. Drive the ball, post up, that will open up the perimeter. Attack, get the defense in foul trouble. Even if they struggle with their free throws it puts the other team in a position where they have to switch or back off. Come on this L.A. Lakers basketball !!!!!!!! You need a tough big guy in the center spot, it's getting exposed a lot. With a key post player it will create spacing for the shooters. Check the history. Chamberlin, Kareem, Shaq, Bynum, Gasol. The shooters benefited. Stop being so predictable in a bad way. Get the Black Mamba!!!!! Pay the man, give him the clipboard. Get the ring
  9. Lonzo Ball is a Bust

    Youre still on me. Ugggghhhhhh. Satin get behind me. I rebuke u. In Jesus name. Fleeeeeeeeee
  10. Lonzo Ball is a Bust

    Looks like someone stocked up on a whole pallet of HATERADE from Costco. Relax Hitler it's gonna be OK. Jesus loves you.
  11. Lonzo Ball is a Bust

    Lonzo brings the cash flow to the arena. He is showtime, I got faith in him. He needs to believe in himself, you got people rooting for you. Don't hang your head, don't let your team or fans or opponents see any sign of discouragement, they feed on it. Give them that fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
  12. Kobe please coach the Lakers, Luke could be the Assistant coach. We need TENACITY!!!!!! Bring the faith back, bring the glory back, we need passion!!!! Next challenge. Save the Dynasty!!!!!!!!!
  13. Can we please have the floor painted all golden for the home games. I'm talking about the free throw area, it's purple right now. They should consider painting back to gold like they had it at the Great Western Forum. I remember when I was growing up watching all the laker greats in the 80's at the Forum. All Gold, bring it back please. Notice the difference
  14. Another Quad Contusion injury!!!!

    My bad I mistaken a contusion for a torn muscle. I apologize. I'm just frustrated, I want my lakers to win. I want them to make a run for the playoffs, got to make some power moves, bring in some key players.
  15. Questions about Luke Walton

    I really like Luke Walton, but you know what in my opinion, he doesn't give his players enough props, in his interviews he's just way to safe with his answers, get your players fired up man. Tell the media, my players played their hearts out and they continue to prove that the Lakers can contend with the best of them. Let them know the Lakers are coming and the other teams better watch out!!!!