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  1. I was happy when they hired Luke, but lately I’m having second thoughts. I like that we’re playing better defense. However, his lineups are crazy. He seems to have favorites, and Julius and JC are definitely not on that list. He has the most random players on the floor at the same time. He just doesn’t play our best players. He finally is starting Kyle K. so if Lonzo passes there’s a player who can actually make the shot. Now Larry Nance seems to be on the naughty list because he has gotten very few minutes the last couple of games. I prefer Clarkson at point guard over Caruso. Anyway, it’s frustrating because I feel Luke is responsible for several of our losses. Stop seeing how many different lineups you can play and let them gel. I’m going to game on Christmas Day so I’m hoping you make better decisions, Luke!
  2. Coaching decisions

    I agree with you completely. I'm so frustrated with Luke Walton's lineup decisions. Last night I'm thinking who can score in this starting lineup? Well they had one basket after about 10 minutes, and we fell way behind. If it hadn't been for KCP getting hot, we would have never scored. Totally unbalanced. If he "has" to play Lonzo, at least put in some shooters alongside him. I like Larry Nance, but he isn't a scorer-yet. If he plays Nance, let Clarkson play the point. The decision to take out Kuz and Clarkson was unbelievable and probably lost us the game. I hope someone in the front office or anywhere will talk to Walton about his very questionable lineups and substitution choices. I'm still upset this morning.