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  1. The lost to the Portland Trailblazers is on the coach. When they had them in foul trouble in the third quarter they kept shooting threes instead of keep going inside to Randle. Then in the fourth quarter they kept launching threes to no avail and had Randle come out and set high screens. I believe Randle took one shot in the fourth quarter. I didn't understand it at all. Randle was playing marvelous.
  2. Playoff

    IT is to much of a defensive liability. He will cost the Lakers as much as he scores. He will mess up their defensive prowess, watch and see. They aren't making the playoffs.
  3. Questions about Luke Walton

    I agree, Lakers fan for over 40 years. I was discouraged with Luke's line-up to start the 4th quarter just now in the Lakers loss to Houston on Dec. 31. We should have won this game also. Up by three with 20 seconds left and Paul drives and kicks it out to a wide open man for a three to tie game. Bad fundamental teaching, let Paul make layup if he does and still be up by one and our ball with 17 seconds left. We had the lead in overtime and squandered away by bad coaching of fundamentals and use of clock. Finally, the same thing I've been preaching for a long time, make our players practice free throws while being winded, like game playing conditions and not just stand there and shoot practice free throws one after another. It's a lot easier to make them when you're not winded and out of breath.
  4. I have been faithfully watching my team, the Lakers, since the first year Kareem came over from the Bucks. So, what I have to say isn't Laker bashing but a disheartened, die-hard fan. It's the same old story against a sorry team. I can hear Luke Walton now. "I am disappointed with our teams effort." The same old story, our opponent lobs it over the top to a 4 point a game scorer and he scores almost 20. Some time along the line it has to be blamed on the coaching. Lack of effort and lack of fundamentals as a team is a coaching problem and not a player problem. The same old story, they allow one person, Tyrec Evans, to go to the bucket time after time after time after time, with no double teaming, no taking the ball out of the hot hand, don't understand. I can see the handwriting on the wall, a couple more years and Luke is gone and searching for yet another coach. The coach is to inspire his players, teach fundamentals and make adjustments to stop the other teams hot hand. And finally, don't have the players practice free throws just standing at the line shooting a hundred or so free throws during practice. Make them run and get winded, then immediately have them shoot maybe ten. Then run them some more and then immediately have them shoot ten and do this over and over until they get accustom to making free throws in a game like situation.
  5. How come coach Luke Walton left Randle in against Embiid the whole 4th quarter and let him get demolished by him, when Andrew Bogut was available and had some success against Embiid earlier in the game?