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    Lakers should trade Randle for Parker as a one for one swap. Parkers Pros: Lakers improve by getting a young, proven athletic scorer, rebounder and defender that is still only 22 YEARS OLD! Size and athleticism as LeBron James that can mesh well with current Lakers youthful talent. Parkers Cons: Injuries! Randle Pro's: will give the Bucks another big that can guard all positions, some inside scoring and toughness needed for a playoff run. Con's: Randle's style of play gets him in constant foul trouble, not ideal length and perimeter shot you'd want in a starting PF. IMO, both Bucks and Lakers win in this trade and Lakers get another attacking wing/PF that can stretch the defense with perimeter shot and Randle is going to wat a larger role than backing up Kuzma in the future.